Information Policy


Welcome to this area of the web site where, hopefully, you will find answers to questions you may have about domain names and web hosting.


There are web pages here that explain the fundamentals of domain names and web hosting and provide easy access to the information necessary to be able to use cPanel, Email and Webmail, and do it yourself web site programs accessible from the Softaculous Applications Installer.


However, learning how to use any particular software program within cPanel &/or Softaculous is still primarily the responsibility of the person purchasing web hosting from Dependable Domains.


Dependable Domains at all times accepts responsibility for, and will answer questions about:


· Dependable Domains domain name registrations and transfers,

· the Dependable Domains servers,

· any technical difficulty with cPanel, Email or Webmail,

· any technical difficulty with functions, or 3rd party programs, contained within cPanel,

· payments and related issues.


Dependable Domains may be contacted using any of the methods shown on the Contact page.



Privacy Policy


Dependable Domains is committed to protecting and respecting individual privacy.


Only the minimum information necessary to process an order is requested, and that information is not shared, sold, swapped or made available to any third party, unless it is required by law.



Refund Policy


No refunds are made on domain name license purchases.


Refunds are only made on web hosting accounts in the unlikely event, that:

a) it is not possible for Dependable Domains to continue to provide web hosting to the specifications advertised at the time of purchase, and

b) it is not possible for Dependable Domains to transfer the account to another web hosting provider offering equivalent web hosting specifications at no additional cost to the account holder.